About us

Welcome to GoldaMae Rose Boutique!
I'm Amanda Lance and I am the owner of GoldaMae Rose.
I named this boutique after my grandmothers, who both had a huge impact on my life. They were both very classy women, that always did the best they could with what they were given. Struggles weren't hardships, they were just something they had to get past. So in honor of them, I will honor our mission statement.
Our Mission Statement
To provide a positive space for women to find their strength, to be encouraged, to feel comfortable & confident. 
As a mother of a daughter, our owner, understands the importance of instilling the values of positive thinking, encouraging words, and confidence building. She wants to help empower women of all ages to feel comfortable & confident in their own skin. And to help squash your goals to reaching your dreams!
Our Core Values
Our Founder
A wife, mother of 3 teenagers, and full-time preschool teacher is working towards her dreams (you're never too old, or too busy to keep having dreams). She is here to encourage, inspire and support other women, wives & mothers. She hopes that you're able to find items in this store that make you feel beautiful, comfortable & confident!